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Lost Palms Brewing - LANDED

We have strung you along long enough, now is the time to start letting you in on our journey we too at the start of the year! Our first collaboration we're excited to announce is with Seek Beer Company.

Located in the Craft Beer Capital of America - San Diego, Seek Beer Co is a small, family owned business started by Dave & Niki Ohmer. There guys are the real deal, and putting out some of the best, and freshest releases in SD. We also partnered up with the Brewery Meme King - Wort Wrangler (Aka Antonio) who has made his mark on the industry via pointed brewery memes surrounding every day life between the stainless, and is a brewer himself by trade.

Seek Beer Co launched their part of the collaboration affectionately named "Way Down Yonder" a few weeks ago. A 6.5% West Coast IPA hopped with Mosaic, Citra and Nectron. They are currently celebrating their 2nd Birthday, so please jump over, give them some love and tell them we sent ya! We'll be releasing more information around these collaborations in the coming weeks - so stay tuned while we introduce you to some amazing breweries and even more amazing humans!

Collaboration announcement between Lost Palms Brewing Co, Seek Beer Co & Wort Wrangler. Blue square overlay, with logos on top.
Lost Palms - LANDED. San Diego, CA

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