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That one time we were in Canada...

The second collaboration we're stoked to announce is with Dominion City Brewing Co. Nestled in the backstreets of Ottawa, Ontario Canada, DCBC started because they wanted to make great beer, and bring people together while doing it!

Their beers reflect the people and the land they source their ingredients from. From locally grown hops and malted barley, foraged local ingredients, or the use of wild yeast - DCBC is a Brewery with heart - focused on supporting their local community as best they can.

It helps that they do damn good beer while they're at it! For their side of this international collaboration, Dominion City Brewing Co have created Palm City 5% XPA. A style not usually seen around their side of the world, but one we all know and love. Hit up their socials below to say hi!

We'll be dropping more information around these collaborations shortly!

Collaboration announcement between Lost Palms Brewing Co and Dominion City Brewing Co. Blue square overlay, with logos on top.
Lost Palms - LANDED. Ottawa, Ontario

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